La sosta in Toscana

The Relais is found in the Lombrici locale of Camaiore where an old mill dating from the 1500’s still stands and where the pleasant sound of its flowing water makes the location quite unique.

Everything here is real even though it may seem to be in a different dimension where time has been brought to a halt and everything flows in a rhythm differing from those we live in today.

La Sosta wants to be just that, a ‘pause’, ‘’sosta’ in Italian, to make guests feel they are in their own home, offering a simple gesture of times past, creating a strong rapport and connection between nature and man.

No deciption or hidden tricks here, only things that are good and genuine.

The Sosta project was created for and revolves around hospitality: on one hand the place itself, rich in colors and scents, where many species of birds of prey and roe deer make their home while still protected by the mountain greenery, and, on the other hand, there are the guests themselves who become part of the scenery by discovering once again the times and places of the past.

Immersed in Living Green

An old mill dating from the 1500’s gave birth to la Sosta in Toscana, a country hotel where everything you see and enjoy can also be bought to take home. Your favorite products and items can be chosen by tasting an excellent Tuscan wine or by experiencing something new that you may find here.

In the green valley of Camaiore surrounded by the Apuan Alps, around eight kilometers from the sea can be found two ancient and venerable olive oil mills, carefully restored in the characteristic Tuscan style, that are home to the RELAIS. These welcoming structures preserve in their interiors the various rooms used for pressing the olives, with the original mechanisms, still intact and functioning and set into motion by the force of water from the nearby stream. Thanks to its particular geographical position, La Sosta in Toscana is close to the characteristic villages of Monteggiori and Metato, beautiful medieval towns located in the hills of Camaiore and overlooking the sea.